Ormianie w przedautonomicznej Galicji : studium demograficzno-historyczne


The dissertation is devoted to the Armenian diaspora which inhabited this part of the Polish Republic, and which entered the dominion of the Habsburg Empire as a result of the partition of Poland in 1772. Galicia, a region which is going to be discussed below, constituted the province of a country which included considerable parts of Central Europe. This area was inhabited by people of many nations, ethnicities, religions and creeds. The present work is devoted to the demographical and historical problems associated with a relatively small minority but one which exerted a remarkable cultural influence. The representatives of this minority inhabited the south-eastern border areas of Galicia. The chronological framework of this book ranges from the first partition of Poland (1772) to the period when the already-Austrian province assumed an autonomous status (the 1860s). The work consists of six chapters and a supplement which indicates the sources. The latter contains sixteen censuses of the Armenian Catholic people from the years 1782-1822. These documents not only enhance the narration but they also document the Armenian families. They may be the basis for further research and genealogical pursuits. Therefore it seemed that the inclusion of these documents was legitimate because in this way the access to unpublished documents and data which is scattered in various periodicals was facilitated. The particular people may be easily located in the index of names which is printed at end of the book.



July 26, 2015

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