Major Aleksander : powieść


August Antoni Jakubowski (ed)


This publication presents the first edition of Major Aleksander, so far the only known fragment of August Antoni Jakubowski‘s novel. It was enriched with pieces of poet’s literary work scattered across different sources in America, as well as memories of him. Text of Major Aleksander is based on the manuscript of the Jakubowski’s Posthumous Letters (ms. MAM 1097) prepared for publishing by Marcin Rosienkiewicz, who collected his literary output in 1839. However, it was stored in the archives of the Polish Library in Paris for 132 years until Julian Maślanka found it and, in 1973, published it. Researcher decided to release the poetry, not including Major Aleksander. The present volume aims to restore after 177 years this forgotten work of very talented poet to the Polish and American culture.


  • Ewa Modzelewska, August Antoni Jakubowski – młodzieniec pięknej nadziei .......... 7
  • Nota edytorska .......... 29
  • Powieść. Major Aleksander .......... 31
  • Jarosław Ławski, Major Aleksander Augusta Antoniego Jakubowskiego – fragmenty z estetyki egzystencji .......... 43
  • Bogusław Dopart, Legiony, epopeja napoleońska – u początków legendy literackiej .......... 73
  • August Antoni Jakubowski we wspomnieniach .......... 91
  • Utwory rozproszone Augusta Antoniego Jakubowskiego .......... 105
  • Indeks osobowy .......... 117


July 1, 2016

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