Profesorowie Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego : Władysław Chłopicki i Władysław Reiss oraz ich powiązania rodowe, czyli o Krupniczej nieco inaczej


Maria Przybyszewska
Uniwersytet Jagielloński


Uniwersytet Jagielloński, Własysław Reiss, Władysław Chłopicki, ulica Krupnicza


The history of the inhabitants of the house at 5 Krupnicza Street in Krakow inspired to write this book, the aim of which is to present the history of two families who came to Krakow from different parts of Poland. The „Pod Matką Boską” tenement house, which has become a life haven for so many generations of Reiss and Chłopicki, including medical professors associated with the Jagiellonian University, is the basis of a much wider story about the intertwining of human lives. Thanks to these circumstances, we restore memory, and we often realise for the first time how far fates of families intertwine and connect with each other. Reaching deeply into the family roots, we not only find numerous family ties, but also appreciate their importance. We also understand better how history influences the course of life and how individual decisions can influence the course of events. The pages of this book will include wellknown and distinguished figures, who have their place in the history of politics and science, as well as doctors, military leaders, politicians. There will be also room for those who cared about family and public matters without publicity, serving current and everyday matters, but without whom great things could not have been fulfiled.


  • Podziękowania .......... 7
  • Wstęp .......... 9
  • Rozdział 1. Rodzina Chłopickich .......... 19
  • Rozdział 2. Władysław Chłopicki (1894-1980) .......... 51
  • Rozdział 3. Rodzina Reissów .......... 73
  • Aneks .......... 155
  • Bibliografia .......... 161


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November 18, 2021

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