Dydaktyka szkoły wyższej z perspektywy wyższej szkoły zawodowej


The considerations included in this book can be viewed via the findings and conclusions reached from a double perspective: of an academic researcher looking from an observer’s distance at the studied phenomena, and of a practitioner, i.e. a directly involved academic teacher, who contributes to them and is responsible for them.
The development of Polish higher education has a quantitative and a qualitative dimension - it has been distinguished by specific dynamics in the last seventy years. In the modern society, there is a growing number of people interested in obtaining higher education, making a shot at a better life and professional advancement (despite the increasing phenomenon of the so-called educational inflation), as higher education not only satisfies ambitions of individuals striving at gaining specific knowledge, but it also has above-individual, community significance. The general willingness to study at a university level shows that there are still changes and revaluations taking place in people’s awareness. They concern the sphere of motivation, which illustrates the reinterpretation and reconstruction of the functioning axiological system. As a result, the instrumental approach to education is accompanied by considering it a value in itself and a desired quality ensuring respect and authority.


  • Wstęp .......... 7
  • Rozdział I. Polskie szkolnictwo wyższe w rozwoju .......... 15
  • Rozdział II. Dydaktyka ogólna jako podstawa dydaktyki szkoły wyższej .......... 47
  • Rozdział III. W kręgu dydaktyki szkoły wyższej .......... 105
  • Rozdział IV. Swoiste problemy państwowych wyższych szkół zawodowych .......... 133
  • Podsumowanie .......... 179
  • Bibliografia .......... 183
  • Indeks osobowy .......... 193


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December 10, 2019

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