Uczniowie Szkoły Głównej Koronnej 1780-1795


Halina Zwolska


Jagiellonian University, Principal School of the Realm, Commission of National Education


Despite numerous studies on the history of the Jagiellonian University during the existence of the Principal School of the Realm, detailed biographical and prosopographical studies on the student community have been lacking so far. Research on Kraków university students has a long tradition and dates back to the 19th century. Data on students and professors from the period 1364-1780 are collected in the database Corpus Academicum Cracoviense (https://cac.historia.uj.edu.pl/). Data on students from the second half of the 19th century until Poland regained its independence is collected in a multi-volume publication Corpus studiosorum Universitatis Iagellonicae 1850/51-1917/18. The present book fills a serious gap. It is a catalogue of students from the years 1780-1795 and has an exceptional character. For other periods we have a much better source base. For the Middle Ages and Early Modern Era it is a series of matriculation books. For new times, it is the annually kept enrollment cards and student catalogues. For the period of the Principal School of the Realm there is no uniform documentation of this type. The student community has to be reconstructed on the basis of very diverse and fragmentarily preserved, incomplete sources. These include catalogues of colleges and seminaries, lists of students for particular years, certificates of attendance at lectures or of obtaining degrees, minutes of examinations, oaths of candidates for teachers (submissions), account books, visitors’ reports and others.


  • Przedmowa .......... 5
  • Wstęp .......... 8
  • Wykaz skrótów redakcyjnych .......... 25
  • Katalog uczniów Szkoły Głównej Koronnej .......... 29
  • Wykaz kobiet — słuchaczek kursu dla położnych .......... 364


November 30, 2021

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