Dzwony i wieże wawelskiej Katedry


Mieczysław Rokosz


wawelska Katedra, Dzwon Zygmunta, wieża Zygmuntowska



The Wawel Cathedral of St. Wenceslaus and St. Stanislaus has been the cathedral of Kraków bishops since the year 1000. It was then in Gniezno that Emperor Otto III executed the sanction of Pope Silvester II concerning the establishment of Gniezno Metropolis with bishoprics in Wrocław, Kołobrzeg, and Kraków (along with the already existing bishopric of Poznań). Here, in 1320, Ladislaus the Short was crowned as the ruler of the Kingdom of Poland when the country was united after the almost two centuries of fragmentation. Here, on the altar of St. Stanislaus, the patron saint of Poland, king Ladislaus made an offering of the standards gained from the Teutonic Knights, and it is here that he was buried. From the times of Ladislaus the Short, the cathedral started to serve four extraordinary functions: it was the venue of royal coronations and funerals as well as the place where victorious commanders made votive offerings of war trophies, and the temple of thanksgiving (templum gratiae). Here are located the tombs of kings, bishops, military commanders, and spiritual leaders of the nation. Today, together with the Clarus Mons (Jasna Góra) monastery in Częstochowa, it continues to be the most important Polish church, a reliquary and a repository of the Polish history. For over a thousand years, this temple has reverberated with the sounds of bells. The oldest of them are long gone now. They melted in flames of fires, got cracked and were replaced with newer ones.


  • Wstęp .......... 7
  • ROZDZIAŁ I. Dzwony – wieże – zegary .......... 23
  • ROZDZIAŁ II. Konsekracja i liturgiczne funkcje dzwonów w średniowieczu .......... 71
  • ROZDZIAŁ III. Zaginione dzwony Wawelu. Wieża Wikaryjska i dzwony na niej .......... 145
  • ROZDZIAŁ IV. Wieża Zegarowa .......... 195
  • ROZDZIAŁ V. Nowa dzwonnica i dzwony na niej .......... 213
  • ROZDZIAŁ VI. Dzwon Zygmunta i wieża Zygmuntowska (do końca XVIII w.) .......... 245
  • ROZDZIAŁ VII. Obsługa dzwonu i rozkład dzwonień do końca XVIII w. .......... 325
  • ROZDZIAŁ VIII. Kiedy jeszcze Zygmunt dzwonił w epoce staropolskiej? .......... 345
  • ROZDZIAŁ IX. Dzwon Zygmunta w epoce niewoli .......... 359
  • ROZDZIAŁ X. Dzwon Zygmunta w XX w. .......... 429
  • ROZDZIAŁ XI. Dzwon dedykowany św. Janowi Pawłowi II .......... 489


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