The Challenges and Opportunities in Law: Ukrainian Case under the Conditions of War


Tomas Davulis (ed)
Ligita Gasparėnienė (ed)
Vilnius University, Law Faculty


war, Ukraine, protection of human rights, war crimes


The enduring Ukrainian conflict since 2014 has cast global legal frameworks into a crucible of challenges and prospects. This collective monograph, composed by twelve erudite scholars across twelve chapters, delves deep into law's interface with warfare, spotlighting Ukrainian dynamics.
From healthcare’s human rights conundrums during martial law, dissected in Chapter 1, to the emergence of molecular genetic testing’s role in criminal proceedings, elaborated in Chapter 2, the legal landscape transforms under wartime duress. Chapter 3 navigates criminal law’s adaptation amidst conflict, while Chapter 4 scrutinizes the tax information exchange’s integration challenges post-war.
Corruption’s nexus with military realities takes focus in Chapter 5, followed by Chapter 6 illumination of Ukraine’s criminal justice evolution during all-out war with Russia. Chapter 7 interweaves war’s aftermath, victimology, and human rights, employing a holistic human rights lens.
Chapters 8 and 9 scrutinize military justice reform and property rights’ protection, both bearing war’s imprints. Intellectual property law’s transformation amidst conflict is unravelled in Chapter 10. Chapter 11 unpicks real estate law complexities, and Chapter 12 questions the Ombudsman’s efficacy under martial law.
With precision, this monograph navigates Ukraine’s legal labyrinth during conflict, underscoring challenges and avenues. It offers a profound perspective on how law dynamically engages with war’s crucible, emerging resilient and transformed.




August 23, 2023

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PDF (Open Access)

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