Media, czyli głupiego widać - 104 diagnozy


Jacek Dąbała
Jagiellonian Univeristy, Krakow


media, stupidity, democracy, people, political correctness, conservatism, liberalism


The book presents a comprehensive empirical study conducted over a twoyear period on Polish and English texts, focusing on instances of ignorance or silliness displayed in the media. The study comprised 104 analyses, published weekly from 2021-2022 on the subscription platform These pieces shed light on various flawed perspectives found primarily in major global media outlets. The author’s objective was to evaluate these perspectives based on their degree of nonsense, which makes it an unprecedented qualitative study in the field of modern media studies. Drawing on a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and experience in media axiology, this work has significant implications for modern journalism, politics, and rational thought. The author firmly believes that global independence hinges on such studies. The concise, accessible writing style and the depth of insight in each analysis make this book both enlightening and inspiring. The discussed subjects, which range from media and democracy to law, people, economics, religion, and mortality, are examined through the lens of stupidity. The author argues that this book is particularly crucial for journalists and politicians, who are identified as key contributors to the perpetuation of stupidity globally. However, the book is not limited to these groups: it also provides a vivid depiction of a perilous world that other readers should be aware of and challenge for their own benefit.


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  • 104 diagnozy .......... 17
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September 25, 2023

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