Szachy: Nowa gorączka


Jacek Szymala
Uniwersytet Dolnośląski DSW


chess fever, chess movie, chess museum, e-chess, live chess, chess accidents



The history of chess shows that every generation has its own chess fever. We observe a new chess fever in the 2020s (among others after the premiere of the Queen’s Gambit series and the film Queen of Katwe). Chess, from a traditional ‘analogue’ board game, has evolved into a computer game. Computers and chess engines (StockFish, AlphaZero) have surpassed the computational abilities of humans. World Champions no longer attempt to compete against computers; instead, new media become our partners. There are many chess museums and new ones are being built. But do old clocks, chessboards and pieces keep up the chess fever, encourage learning the rules of the game and attract to chess? The new hope of chess museums is in interactive games, such as Chess VR or computer games with chess motifs. The aim of the book is to try to measure and understand this social phenomenon of interest in chess. The study is addressed not only to chess players (players, instructors, coaches), but also to their families and all non-chess players. I used the method of autoethnography: I write about how I was preparing the live chess performance, how to conduct chess classes in high school, what e-chess is today, how to use chess films in education. The last chapter is a cautionary tale – I discuss selected unfortunate incidents that happened to chess players (events from history, movies and experience). The author hopes to encourage educators, curators, art creators and cultural organizers to use chess not only in a playable, but also historical and cultural role. Future researchers will be inspired by bibliographic lists and suggestions, while the essayistic tone may increase the popularization character of this scientific study. The publication of the book was possible thanks to the co-financing by the creator of one of the oldest online gaming websites: and, Marek Futrega.


  • Wstęp, czyli potwierdzenie rejestracji i ceremonia otwarcia .......... 7
  • Runda 1. Szachy w muzeach .......... 17
  • Runda 2. Filmy szachowe .......... 41
  • Runda 3. E-szachy .......... 63
  • Runda 4. Żywe szachy .......... 85
  • Runda 5. Wypadki szachistów .......... 129
  • Zakończenie, czyli wypełnienie normy .......... 145


September 25, 2023

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