Rok 1923 w Krakowie


Zdzisław Noga (ed)
Pedagogical University of Kraków, Poland


Kraków riot, Kraków garrison, regaining independence, political crisis, economic crisis


The year 1923 turned out to be tragic for Kraków. On November 6 several dozen workers and soldiers died in fratricidal fighting on the streets of the city. The origins and course of these events were politically abused for years, which was also symbolically reflected in the terminology used to describe them. Today, a hundred years after those events, Kraków historians have once again analyzed both the course of the fighting and its genesis in a broad political and social context, revealing various aspects of that tragedy. They described it from the perspective of political parties and movements of that time, the hardships of everyday life, and the Kraków garrison. A separate segment is dedicated to the analysis of historical studies regarding these events. Through these insights, it was possible to obtain a new image of the city, devoid of ideological fierceness, during the difficult period of economic crisis and the associated dramatic consequences, symbolized by the graves of victims from both sides of the conflict at the Rakowicki cemetery.




April 29, 2024


Details about the available publication format: Paperback


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